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Cropping and Extending

Exercise – Cropping

This exercise required the cropping of three previously taken photographs. The idea, as the coursework text suggests, is to “find different pictures within photographs you have already taken“, as well as helping to “look at images in a fresh way” – p.64


Photo 1- Full Image


ISO400, 105mm, 5/9, 1/640sec

Photo 1 – Crop Mask


Photo 1 – Cropped


With the image above I cropped mostly as a way to remove the brick factory works at the top of the image. It also then happened to be a way to focus attention on the two figures, just visible centre-right, at work in the rice field. The geometry of the fields and the shades of green thus fill the image, giving a good sense of this particular countryside.


Photo 2 – Full Image


ISO400, 105mm, f/5.6, 1/500sec

Photo 2 – Crop Mask


Photo 2 – Cropped


This image was not so much about trying to find a new image within the original, but trying to more closely associate the woman with her immediate environment. A closer crop of her, and the brickwork of the wall she leans against, lends a better balance to the image and also helps to focus attention on her rice-husking paraphernalia.


Photo 3 – Full Image


ISO3200, 50mm, f/2.2, 1/30sec

Photo 3 – Crop Mask


Photo 3 – Cropped


The crop of this image was definitely about finding a new image within the original. The original was fairly humdrum, just an opportunistic shot whilst walking along the Perfume River in Hue, Vietnam. The rippled reflections of the coloured lights on the water however stand out when made the subject of that same image. I had not noticed the potential of this at the time, but just the act of looking anew at an old image made the difference.