Hello, my name is Jonathan, I am student 511682 and this is my learning blog (at least it’s online portion) for the Art Of Photography course that I am currently studying with the Open College of the Arts (OCA).

I am a Zimbabwean, who normally calls Brighton in England home, but who is currently living in Kathmandu, Nepal.

So why am I studying photography? Because I love to take photographs is the simplest answer! What started out, in part, as a way to document the life and growth of my now 10-year old daughter has blossomed, for want of a better word, into a passion. But going back before that, as a child, I was long fascinated, inspired and filled with wonder at the photographs depicted in the pages of National Geographic magazine. So maybe some day, I hope I might yet have the skills necessary to make similar contributions and I hope this course will help me with that along the way.

My other interests are in videography (I’d like to make documentary films some day). I also dabble in CG art and animation, and occasionally put pen to paper in writing haiku poetry.
I spend much of my weekends mountain biking around the hills of the Kathmandu Valley. Well, locals call them “hills” but they really seem more like mountains to me.

So, I am happy to be in contact with fellow OCA students, on this, similar, or even completely different courses, whether you’re ahead or behind in terms of how far along you are.

Wishing you all success and the best of luck.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rob Townsend

    Hey, I’ve just started the OCA course as well. Just looking around to see who my ‘classmates’ are so dropped by to say hello. I’ll keep an eye on your blog!

    1. jonathandodds Post author

      Hi Rob!

      Nice to hear from you, and thanks for dropping by!
      I, like you, am trying to shift my focus from being something of a gadget-head towards being more of a “photographer”. I am often weak though in the face of eBay, but can say that I’m slowly starting to shift my focus, ideas and ways of doing things towards that ideal.
      Hope you manage too!
      I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog in return.

      Good luck and best wishes!



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