Exercise – Multiple Points

“With several points the relationships are not so predictable. A group of objects implies a network of lines, and can also create a shape – again by implication. In still-life photography, one the basic skills is to be able to group objects together in such a way that they are linked attractively, in a relationship that is active rather than obvious and static. This is essentially a problem of placing several points.”

• The Art Of Photography (OCA course book), Part 2, Points, p.73

This exercise required a series of at least 6 photographs showing the progressive process of placing of multiple points of interest within the frame leading hopefully to a final image that is visually cohesive.

Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5


Photo 6


I have mixed feelings about the outcome of this exercise. i couldn’t quite work out the manner in which the objects standing in for the required points of interest had to be placed. Was it necessary to arrange them in a way that suggested a random quality, or something more regularly placed, showing intention or design. I suppose the latter, which I tried to render, but the result seems strangely artificial, or not artful at all. This could be mostly to do with the objects I chose, and the plain background. I tried different objects different placement positions but I still was generally dissatisfied with the result. I will further experiment and try to update this post with better results.


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