Exercise – Object In Different Positions In The Frame

For this exercise, a clearly defined object set against a plain background was required to be photographed wherein the placement of the object in the frame is varied. A walk in a field gave me the chance to find something suitable, in this case a small house, with a field of crops in the background. My position relative to the house was slightly elevated.

Photo 1 – Object as initially viewed, quick composition


Photo 2 – Object in frame centre


Photo 3 – Object off-right centre


Photo 4 – Object at bottom edge


Looking back now, and especially at the wider field of view in the first photo, I’m not sure that zooming in on the subsequent photos was the best approach. I should have retained that initial field of view to be able to compare each photo favourably. I want the detail in the house, as well as the people I noticed sitting to one side of it. However, in order of preference, photos that works best for me are; photo 4, photo 1, photo 2, photo 3.

Photo 4 shows more of the environment in which the house is in, whilst presenting enough detail in both the house itself, the plants surrounding it (mustard) and the background. The photo that works the least is photo 3, and this is because I feel I placed the house on the wrong side of the photo. Had it been placed on the left, then the people would have been looking into  the majority of the frame of the photo, lending it more of natural balance. As it is, the composition seems to be an afterthought.

The suggestion presented by the author of this exercise in the course book (p43):

…keep the camera to your eye as much a possible when you are looking for a shot…

Does not work very well for me. I have the habit of starring intently at a scene and picturing how it might look through the viewfinder. It allows me to rapidly change my focus and area of interest. Also, in some circumstances, where discretion may be required, it may not always be possible to have the camera constantly in front of ones’ face. But I shall of course try the suggested technique as situations allow.


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