Aperture Size – A CG Test

So I would like what I learn on the Art Of Photography course to inform what I am learning in another related field I am very interested in, that of CG modelling and animation. Both photography and CG animation/rendering ultimately have the goal of putting pretty pictures (or otherwise) up on a screen or down on paper. So taking the idea of the effects aperture size has on image depth of field, I created a scene where this might be tested in a CG environment. The scene is of a field of piggy banks, modelled, shaded and lit by myself. I wanted to see at a basic level the quality of image rendered given the different aperture sizes and discern if any other “real world’ effects might be realised in software (Luxology modo 601)



Despite my efforts at making the necessary software settings needed to closely simulate “real world” conditions, the effect is still quite artificial. Whilst making changes to aperture size was easy, the ability to change the shutter speed was non-existent, seemingly fixed at a movie film speed of 24 frames per second. Interesting to experiment with though, and I guess my CG skills still have a long way to go towards improving.


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